Look 'N Up Liberation

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In Book 2 of the Look 'N Up Series, readers will experience life in the world with no otherwhere, from the perspectives of the women left behind. In the highest caste, Baput's betrothed, Tamaya, is destined to marry the Akash, the supreme ruler of the tiny world. Now she must settle for the inferior, untrained spare heir. Felsic's family, already the lowest in the village, are now widowed, casting them down to an even lower status.  The mysterious Akira, ruler of the women, works her Breeding Matrix, trying to fill the hole left by the disappearance of the premier family.

Done With Invasion?

Wondering what happened to Baput’s betrothed, Tamaya?

What about Felsic’s family, Peratha and Trillella?

Is Francine right about Akira? If so, what’s it like to be her?  

Find out in Look ‘N Up Liberation coming in summer 2024!

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The Wasting

Akira sighed a sigh that seemed too old even for her considerable years. No one saw. She was alone in the depths of her underground lair. Alone in the dark. Alone in her knowledge of The Wasting, as she had named it. A tangled mess of multicolored threads hung from the ceiling above her. An ugly knot clotted the center. A few lines spread out toward the sides, with only a couple of threads daring to reach out and touch them, cross them. The breeding matrix hung over Akira’s head like a giant spider web of doom.